The Standing Committee on human Rights and Peace (SCORP) was founded in the year of 1983, as the global plight of refugees came into the limelight. At that time, it was named Standing Committee on Refugees (SCORP). SCORP’s mission was to call attention to the problems displaced people faced as well as to participate in relief efforts. However, members of this committee would soon realize that these efforts would be short term and only palliative. Sustainable solutions would have to rest on the prevention of conflicts and human rights abuses. Based on these new resolutions, the Standing Committee on human Rights and Peace was forged in 1994.

SCORP deals with the problems and needs of refugees and internally displaced people. As a group, we also work for the prevention of conflicts, the main reason why people are forced to become refugees. We condemn any use of violence as a conflict solution. Simply, we work for a peaceful world.

SCORP understands peace as, person to person, group to group, state to state, having international solidarity, tolerance and respect for human rights.

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Vildana Sabra
National Officer on human Rights and Peace at IFMSA-Jo (2022/2023)