Our Rights, Our Fight

Our aim for this project as medical students and activists in the scope of human rights; is to promote awareness about human rights among the society, to encourage the vulnerable group of people like women, minorities, youth, poor and disabled to take an active part in decision making, and to train and teach school students in rural areas about their rights and expand their mentality!

We will focus and take a deep look at Human Rights status in Jordan, and we will be reviewing the work of many different NGO's sharing the same purpose with us, following the royal commands of His Majesty King's Abdullah II who is continuously aiming to take practical steps to launch a genuine reform process in order to strengthen democracy, and to provide Jordanians with the "dignified life they deserve".

Flying Doctors of America Medical Mission - JUST-LC

Over the course of 4 days (July 11th to July 14th), SCORP at JUST-LC held a medical mission in collaboration with the Flying Doctors of America team of doctors who treated about 1850 patients. The team consisted of 15 doctors and two nursing students with specialties that varied between Internal medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, General Surgery and Dentistry. The mission targeted the displaced Syrian refugees in the random camps of Mafraq, and it took place in a school for orphans and refugee children run by the Jordanian Relief Organization/Mafraq.
The whole mission was planned and carried out by a team of medical students from IFMSA-Jo/JUST-LC.

The mission included 116 medical student volunteers and dental student volunteers as well as volunteers from Al-Salam Organization from Germany. We are proud to pronounce that the final results of the mission were: About 1819 patients treated, 12 surgeries performed inside our clinics, 3 surgeries covered financially.
Donation money were spent on surgeries, walking aids, eye glasses, and rent payments for refugee families. And more than 2500 lives touched in between refugees, doctors, organizers and volunteers.

The Warmth Campaign حملة دفئ - UJ-LC

Hamlet Def'e was a campaign held by SCORP of UJ-LC which aimed to help people in need prepare for the harsh cold of the winter.
Our campaign raised money from many people who heard our call for donations, and then we used that money to buy as many warm jackets and blankets as we can.

We had our giveaway at a school in Ain Al-Basha, Jordan, which truly was a fun day for us and the kids, it included playing games, face painting and many more activities. Here at SCORP-UJ, we aim to spread smiles and warm gestures around, which can only be done through the team work of the hardworking members of IFMSA.

Free Medical Day - MU-LC

Although Jordan is a thriving country, with many cities living under bad conditions -that being lack of natural resources and experienced man-force- many of our country's rural areas have not been as fortunate.
Whole villages with populations of thousands are still finding themselves caught in the dreary confines of poverty and illness.
Here in IFMSA-Jo we believe it's our duty to heed this humanitarian call, and help those who are in need with anything that we can provide as medical students; thus came to life our "Free Medical Day" projects which started in 2013.
Back then we held our first event, and covered a number of 180 Jordanians from a rural village with very poor medical facilities.

This year our vision for the human right access to medical facilities was renewed as our organizing committee set it's stride towards the village of Zezia, where we along with many IFMSA-Jo Alumni and volunteering physicians of various specialties, have brought much needed medical attention to around 200 patients, most of whom were children who desperately needed medical therapy.

Promotional Campaign - YU-LC

With SCORP being recently active in Yarmouk University Local Committee, as a start for this term, a promotional campaign was conducted to attract a lot of motivated medical students to join their humanitarian call by becoming even more motivated SCORPions.

Around 30 students joined our team and are on their way to implement amazing projects in their community.