THE Research Exchange

This is what SCORE is all about. To give our students and active members of IFMSA the chance to travel outside and learn how people in different parts of the world conduct their research and the differences in the medical fields in general. To meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. To host people from all over the world and show them how beautiful and amazing our country is, and teach them about our culture, habits and of course MANSAF.

Medical Research Conference - UJ-LC

The project aims to show and explain the scientific fundamentals of medical research. Recently we have seen many students face difficulties in making research in many aspects, either in organizing the content of the research or writing the proposal or finding the best resources to get the information from. Soby hosting specialized professors in this field we will introduce and discuss the best way to do research and the best way to be a good researcher, and also the conference will contains workshops, these workshops will provide meaningful interaction with many successful professionals.              

Medical Research Conference - Organizing Committee meeting

Medical Research Conference - Organizing Committee meeting

Research Day JUST-LC

Research is what brought us to where we are today. Without the creative and innovative minds of the curious people, we would have never had the science and knowledge we have today.
The essence of SCORE is research and unfortunately, several times we do not have the opportunity as medical students to have a research experience while in medical school. Research is essential for the development of medicine, and without it, the medical fields could never have reached the stage they are right now with innovative methods of diagnosis and treatments. That is why we, in SCORE, decided to initiate the first step in helping medical students to be part of research. “RESEARCH DAY” is a project that will fulfill medical students’ knowledge in the basic principles of research and get them more involved in one of the most important aspects of the medical field.