SIP Training Enrollment in "Teaching Medical Skills" IFMSA Program

Think Globally. Act Locally.

All of the projects, apart from changing our local and national perspectives, belong to the international family of initiatives - aiming to fulfill the “Think Globally Act Locally” vision of IFMSA. That is why "IFMSA Programs" have been created - in order to bring all of us - our goals, expectations, successes and passions together, in order to make them even greater and to see how big of an impact we, the Federation, have on the world of medicine.

SCOME is proud to announce the enrollment of the first activity of IFMSA-Jo in an international program, the Safe Injection Practice (SIP) training is now enrolled in the international program Teaching Medical Skills.


Boarding Session - JUST-LC

JUST-LC and SCOME ended 2016 with fashion; holding Boarding Session, the first conference of its kind covering medical residencies and postgraduate medical studies in 7 different countries on 4 different continents around the world.

The speakers talked about everything related to postgraduate life, including medical residency, academic studies, quality of life, application processes, equivalency processes, standardized exams, and much more in Jordan, Qatar, Canada, Australia, Germany, the US, and the UK.

Three hundred medical students and professionals attended the conference over the two days. The sessions were separated by short interactive talks on leadership, decision-making, and cognitive bias.

Boarding Session informed attendees about all what it takes for them to follow their dreams in the field of medicine and turn them to reality; Boarding Session changed some lives over the two days.


Problem-Based Learning - Step 2

The problem-based project was held in VBC Khalda. It was based on solving several clinical cases depending on some techniques that aim to improve thinking and linking skill by collecting all information needed and clues.

Basic Skills - UJ-LC

Basic Skills for Medical Students took place at the University of Jordan on Saturday 8/10. The event started with a suturing course given by TR Learning Center, the participants trained on dummies and gained the skill.

Blood pressure and blood sugar workshop was given by an intern and then the participants measured and noted the readings for each other. The best part was that tummies were kept full with pizza and donuts. Each participant took home two certificates.

Students' Guide to Clinical Life - JUST-LC

The pre-clinical project aims to prepare third year medical students to enter the clinical life by providing lectures, workshops, and bedside teaching to improve the skills of medical students in many ways.

This project had an emphasis on doctor-patient relationship, physical examination, taking full history, along with medical student’s time management in clinical years and other things.

Students' Guide to Clinical Life project won the third place in the projects fair of NGA 10.

Palliative care - YU-LC

Yarmouk University Local Committee, YU-LC, held their first SCOME project for the year.

Palliative Care is one of the most outstanding remarks that define qualified, skilled physicians; as these physicians work closer with patients in variant ways in order to provide the best care and assistance for patients as long as needed. We at YULC hope that this idea will be spread around Jordan to include many other universities in order to expand the knowledge about Palliative Care.

Change Day

Under the patronage of HRH Princess Mona Al-Hussein, the HCAC launched the Initiative of Change Day for the second consecutive year. Its objective is to increase the quality of the healthcare services and patients’ safety nationwide through the participation of all of the health sector workers to make a pledge where they focus on increasing the health service quality at least for one day a year.

For the second consecutive year, IFMSA-Jo is participating in Change Day, because we believe in your impact on healthcare as medical students and future doctors. 

TMET – Jordan/ Madaba

Training Medical Education Trainers (TMET) is one of IFMSA's international workshops which aims to educate enthusiastic medical students about all the basics of medical education and students' meaningful participation in faculty decision making.

A 3-day training took place from September 8th- September 10th in the city of mosaics, Madaba, where 17 medical students got the chance to learn more about teaching and learning, curriculum design and development, assessment, evaluation, and student's meaningful involvement.

knowledge is power, pass it on

Those students can now pass their knowledge to medical students worldwide and start advocating for medical education issues, which allows their futures to open up to new possibilities.