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Unfortunately several times we dont have the opportunity as medical students to have a research experience while in the medical school. Research is essential for the development of medicine and without it the medical fields could never have reached the stage they are right now with innovative methods of diagnosis and treatments. Join the experience of improving the research skills with an unforgettable cultural learning and you have the Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE)!

SCORE was founded in 1991 with the objective of giving students an opportunity of improving their skills in research in other learning settings. Presently, SCORE involves more than 65 active NMOs, offering over 3000 research projects to provide over 2400 medical students worldwide the opportunity to participate in IFMSA research exchange program and learn the basic principles of medical research such as literature studies, collecting data, scientific writing, lab work, statistics and ethical aspects related to the medicine. It is important to mention that all exchanges are initiated and coordinated entirely by medical student volunteers.

Our mission is to offer future physicians an opportunity to experience research and diversity in countries all over the world. This is achieved by providing a network of locally and internationally active students that globally facilitate access to research exchange projects. Through our programming and opportunities, we aim to develop both culturally sensitive students and skilled researchers intent on shaping the world of science in the upcoming future.


  1. To provide research projects in medical curricula in order to medical students worldwide to take responsibility for their own curriculum according to their interest and to introduce them to the basic principles of medical research.
  2. To increase the mobility and widen the horizon of medical students worldwide providing them with the possibility to experience different approaches in medical research, education and treatment by partaking in research projects in other countries.
  3. To enhance the academic quality of the medical student curricula and the theoretical knowledge in the field of medical research either on basic science or on clinical science with/without lab work.
  4. To facilitate collaboration and partnership between different medical universities/schools, research institutions and allied medical students across the globe in order to share and spread new achievements in the field of medical research.
  5. To maintain affordable research exchange tuition through its governing body to insure that medical students within the National Member Organizations can participate in the exchanges without any financial burden.

The Definition of IFMSA Research Exchange

The IFMSA Research Exchange is a research project that provides medical students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the specific area of their research interest. This program is officially recognized and supported by the medical school/university and is guided by a mentor who introduces exchange students to the basic principles of research, including literature search, data collection, scientific writing, laboratory work, statistics and ethics. Upon completion of the program, students may be required to prepare a written scientific report or an oral presentation.

Types of research projects:

  • Basic laboratory research project.
  • Clinical research project, combined with basic research in the lab.
  • Clinical research project.
  • Global Action Project (GAP)

How the SCORE Exchanges Work
All exchanges are initiated and coordinated entirely by medical student volunteers. Every university is represented by a Local Officer on Research Exchange (LORE), who facilitates projects at the local level and arranges for the exchange students preparations such like housing and boarding. Every exchange student is assigned a local contact person who serves as a guide, resource, and social liaison, the thing that strengthens the intercultural communication, understanding, and unity among medical students worldwide.

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