IFMSA-Jo Programs are centralized streams of activities, which are organized by IFMSA-Jo Nationally and IFMSA-Jo Local Committees. IFMSA-Jo Programs address problems within a specific field that we as medical students stand up for while connecting local and national activities and opportunities that contribute to the final outcome.

All IFMSA-Jo Programs connect the work of the NMO locally and nationally with the IFMSA-Jo vision and mission. Local Committees decide which programs are to be adopted by IFMSA-Jo by voting on the Programs proposed by IFMSA-Jo Team of Officials member or a Local Committee. 

Programs are led by Program Coordinators and supervised by the Executive Board through the Vice President for Activities and National Officer(s) of the related Standing Committee(s) to ensure their quality of implementation, consistency and sustainability of the programs. It is important to note that one of the major aspects of IFMSA-Jo Programs is to ensure a way to measure the impact of IFMSA-Jo and its Local Committees on the society we serve.

Each Local Committee must conduct at least one project on the same topic (cause) of the program and have it enrolled within the program, whether that be projects, campaigns, celebrations, workshops, events, trainings or theme based publications. These activities are coordinated by the Program Coordinator Nationally or the Activity Coordinators (Leaders) locally with the help and support from Program Coordinator and the relevant Standing Committee Officer. Internally, these activities dont need to be just projects, campaigns, events, etc. but different research and capacity building activities as well as organized advocacy efforts on local and national level.

Every IFMSA-Jo Program is composed of a Program Coordinator, Financial team, Monitoring and Evaluation team, Scientific team, Logistics team, Human Resources team, Research team and Creativity and Publicity team. It will be managed by the Program Coordinator as they will be responsible for coordinating the work of the program and its teams. The program will include national activities and enrolled local activities such as Capacity Building, Education, Advocacy, Campaigns, Research, Third Party Activities..etc.

Aljayda Dheissat
 Vice President for Activities


SCOPH Programs

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
Substance and Drug Misuse

SCORA Programs

Reproductive Health
Gender-based Violence (GBV)

SCORP Programs

Humanitarian Relief
Our Rights Our Fight

SCORE Programs

Medical Research Skills
Social & Fundraising
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SCOME Programs

Teaching Medical Skills