SCOPE Reform at IFMSA-Jo

During the past NGA a reform within the structure of SCOPE at IFMSA-Jo was passed resulting in the removal of the National Exchange Officer (NEO) from the National Team of Officials and introducing two new ones, National Exchange Officer-In and National Exchange Officer-Out (NEO-In and NEO-Out) to the Team of Officials. In brief, the NEO-In will be mainly responsible for incoming student management and internal issues, while the NEO-Out will be responsible for outgoing student management. After a round of selection the current structure of SCOPE at IFMSA-Jo is as follows: Two National Exchange Officers NEO-In: Amr Barakat NEO-Out: Bilal Mustafa Five Local Exchange Officers LEO-HULC: Khaled Gweery LEO-MULC: Zaid Ibrahim Suleiman LEO-JUSTLC: Mohammed Eneizat LEO-UJLC: Ahmad Mohammad Nawaiseh LEO-YULC: Tala Radaideh This step marks a great transition in the management of Professional Exchanges at IFMSA-Jo, one that hold greatness in providing you as members with nothing but the best. Blue Family, together we grow.


Pre-Departure Training - PDT

The Pre-Departure Training (PDT) is conducted every May for outgoing exchange students to orient them on the basics of exchanges, what to expect, and what is expected from them during their exchange period. The training orients students on using the academic handbook, attendance requirements and obtaining their SCOPE exchange certificate. Soft skills training are also held to orient students on topics such as visa and travel procedures, cultural ethics, external representation and communication skills.

Attendance of the PDT is mandatory for all outgoing students to assure a successful academic and cultural exchange.

IFMSA-Jo Annual Iftar (Gala Dinner)

IFMSA-Jo held its very first annual Gala Dinner (IFMSA-Jo Annual Iftar) with the participants varying from General delegates, Local and National Team Officials and President. SCOPE-active hospitals were also invited to the dinner and awarded shields of appreciation for their aid in facilitating our exchange Program.