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IFMSA-Jo presents our biannual magazine & newspaper, Iris.


The Publications Team is back in business for the Upcoming Issue of the Magazine, and as always we want it to be a representation of the creativity and talent of the IFMSA-Jo family. the theme this issue is:

AntiMicrobial Resistance

How our most effective weapons are becoming useless and obsolete against Humanity’s oldest enemies. 

Recommended topics are: 

  • History of medication against infection 

  • How did we get to this point? 

  • What are consequences of antimicrobial resistance? 

  • What does the future hold? 

  • Are there any alternatives to antibiotics we could use in the future? 

  • The Scientific understanding behind resistance 

However, feel free to write about anything else that comes up to your mind that is related to the theme. 

Deadline is: 17th of February 29:59

Please Read the Submission Guidelines bellow:

Submit your article to the following Email: cprsdd@ifmsa-jo.org