Accepted Names for SCORE First Round

As this term is all about transparency, you can find each accepted name's score out of 14 included. According to the latest SCOPE-SCORE IOGs, the selection criteria is composed of 14 points as follows: 

Interview (2)
Motivation letter (3)
Past research experience (2)
Past IFMSA experience (5)
Language skills (1)
Year of study (1)

Click here for the names of the accepted people

Congratulations to all accepted names. You have 4 days to confirm by sending an email to your Local Officer then another 3 days for payment of the exchange fees (400 JDs). Details about payment will be given by your Local Officer. 


HU LC LORE: Rama Soudi
JUST LC LORE: Siba Abdullah
MU LC LORE: Hasan Al Tarawneh
UJ LC LORE: Mahmoud Qawasmi
YU LC LORE: Hadi Owais


If you were not accepted, don’t get discouraged! There will be waiting lists and another round will open in the near future.

Thank you all for your incredible applications.


Natasha Bouran
National Officer on Research Exchange (NORE)




Page was last updated December 5th, 2017