Join forces with activities from other NMOs to maximize you impact.


Get advise on measuring your own impact. Let IFMSA know you are part of the diference it makes.


Promote your activity on international level by gaining recognition as an official IFMSA activity.

What are IFMSA programs?

IFMSA Programs are centralized streams of different activities done by IFMSA National Member Organizations (NMOs) and IFMSA internationally.

How to enroll our activity in a program?

1- Fill out the online enrollment form.

2- Submit a candidature form signed and stamped by our NMO President

What can I do? And who can help me?

IF you are a current leader of an ongoing project, please go through the programs on the left. If your activity is related to one of them, refer to your Local/National officer to enroll your project, or refer directly to the Project Support Division Director.

Current IFMSA Programs

– Children Health and Rights

– Communicable Diseases

– Comprehensive Sexuality Education

– Dignified and Non-Discriminatory Health Care

– Emergencies, Disaster Risk and Humanitarian Action

– Environment and Health

– Ethics and Human Rights in Health

– Gender-Based Violence

– Health Systems

– Healthy Lifestyles and Non-Communicable Diseases

– HIV/AIDS and other STIs

– Maternal Health and Access to Safe Abortion

– Medical Education Systems

– Mental Health

– Organ, Tissue and Marrow Donation

– Sexuality and Gender Identity

– Teaching Medical Skills