Do you want to experience Climate Change negotiations from up close? And do you want to promote health as belonging in the centre of these negotiations?


Apply to become part of the IFMSA delegation to the United Nations Climate Conference SB 48!


Every year, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) hosts its annual conference, known as the ‘COP’=Conference of Parties. The COPs are separated by preparatory sessions, called “intersessionals”, that take place usually in the month of May in Bonn, Germany, where the office of the UNFCCC is located, to discuss the agenda points of the implementation and the technical side of the international measures in regards to climate change, namely the Kyoto Protocol, and recently the Paris Agreement.


Hereby we would like to open the call for delegates to the United Nations Climate Change Conference SBI 48/SBSTA 48/APA 1-5 which will happen on April 30th - May 10th 2017 in Bonn, Germany. We will receive how many delegates we exactly can send halfway through March, but in previous meetings we had a maximum of 6 delegates participating in at least half of the conference (30 April - May 6th and/or May 7th-10th).


**What do you need to do?**


If you are motivated to participate, please submit the following before aturday 17th of March 2017 23:59 GMT.


-> Dully filled application form, click here:


-> Dully filled candidature form signed by your NMO President (attached) send to with the email subject “[UNFCCC SB-48 application] your name”. Find it in the attachment of the email send over the server.


For more information about the delegation and the conference, please refer to the email send over the SCOPH and IFMSA general server.