TNT Plovdiv

AMSB are thrilled to invite you to Plovdiv for their Training New Trainers event!
The TNT Plovdiv workshop will take place between 1-5th April as a pre-NGA event. This is a pioneering event, with which we aim to provide the knowledge and skills to new trainers so that they will blossom into Capacity Building superstars!
Do not miss your chance to apply - you only have until March 22nd! Due to the tight schedule.


Early fee discount for the first 10 participants who apply are on offer. Here is how the participant selection will work:

  1. You submit your application through the Google Form (LINK)

  2. Once the deadline is over, the OC will select 15 participants, based on their motivation and the quality of their application (the time of applying will not be a determining factor).

  3. By March 24th, we will inform applicants if they have been selected.

  4. Among the 15 participants selected, the 10 who have applied the earliest will take advantage of the early fee.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the organisers!


The OC will be provide you with free lodging and boarding in the days of the TNT (1-5th April) - four nights, four breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Your travel costs will be reimbursed up to 50 EUR provided that you present the proper invoices.

VERY IMPORTANT: In the emails for confirmation, detailed information on how to get the proper invoices for your travels will be provided. If you are selected make sure you read them carefully as the OCs will not be able to provide reimbursement without the proper invoices.

Disclaimer: Due to rime constraints, applicants without a valid visa will not be able to apply for one and receive it on time for the event.

The TNT will be for the duration of 44 working hours with no more than 10 working hours per day, in line with the new IOGs. For that reason it will start at 12:00pm 1st of April, and end at 1:00 pm 5th of April.

For more information check out the  Invitation Package.

For those who are interested in either becoming the facilitators or the participants, please access the linkprovided below!