Free Medical Day - MU-LC

Although Jordan is a thriving country, with many cities living under bad conditions -that being lack of natural resources and experienced man-force- many of our country's rural areas have not been as fortunate.
Whole villages with populations of thousands are still finding themselves caught in the dreary confines of poverty and illness.
Here in IFMSA-Jo we believe it's our duty to heed this humanitarian call, and help those who are in need with anything that we can provide as medical students; thus came to life our "Free Medical Day" projects which started in 2013.
Back then we held our first event, and covered a number of 180 Jordanians from a rural village with very poor medical facilities.

This year our vision for the human right access to medical facilities was renewed as our organizing committee set it's stride towards the village of Zezia, where we along with many IFMSA-Jo Alumni and volunteering physicians of various specialties, have brought much needed medical attention to around 200 patients, most of whom were children who desperately needed medical therapy.

Basil Ahmad