Over the course of 4 days (July 11th to July 14th), SCORP at JUST-LC held a medical mission in collaboration with the Flying Doctors of America team of doctors who treated about 1850 patients. The team consisted of 15 doctors and two nursing students with specialties that varied between Internal medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, General Surgery and Dentistry. The mission targeted the displaced Syrian refugees in the random camps of Mafraq, and it took place in a school for orphans and refugee children run by the Jordanian Relief Organization/Mafraq.
The whole mission was planned and carried out by a team of medical students from IFMSA-Jo/JUST-LC.

The mission included 116 medical student volunteers and dental student volunteers as well as volunteers from Al-Salam Organization from Germany. We are proud to pronounce that the final results of the mission were: About 1819 patients treated, 12 surgeries performed inside our clinics, 3 surgeries covered financially.
Donation money were spent on surgeries, walking aids, eye glasses, and rent payments for refugee families. And more than 2500 lives touched in between refugees, doctors, organizers and volunteers.