Human Papilloma Virus Research Project

Human Papilloma Virus research project was launched on Sunday, the 26th of March at the Hashemite University.

Our first group of participants had the chance to get in touch with the medical field that strives to make a difference: research!

Papilloma viruses are non-enveloped DNA viruses, collectively known as human papilloma viruses. Papilloma virus types can cause cancer in the epithelial tissues they inhabit. The development of papilloma virus-induced cancers typically occurs over the course of many years, and it has been associated with the development of cervical cancer.

In this project, supervised by by associate Dr. Ashraf Khasawneh, we are conducting a pilot study on Jordanian women to determine the prevalence of HPV infection, by collecting cervical samples from Jordanian women at Prince Hamzah Hospital, Amman then extracting the genomic DNA and conducting HPV specific PCR to determine if there is an infection or not .

Best regards, 

Ahmed Al-Azzam

Local Officer on Research Exchange/ HULC

Nouran Hammad