Check Your Health

As future doctors, it is our duty to make sure our community undergoes regular health checkups in aims of finding out illnesses before they become advanced. This way, many unwanted complications of diseases can be controlled early on, and in some cases even cured. Checkups incorporate several tests, including preventative screenings and physical examinations, to check patients' current health and risks. This will also decrease the high cost of treatment for patients. People mostly underestimate their health problems until it becomes a major issue.

Our campaign at Mu'tah University called Check Your Health was launched last Tuesday with our first step at AlEraq Village, Al-Karak which was a great success as one of the first awareness campaigns in this rural area! The screening tests we did included blood pressure, random blood sugar, body mass index, H-pylori and blood typing. This was organized in cooperation with the South Blood Bank and under the supervision of specialists from Al-Karak.

Prevention is better than cure
Nouran Hammad