"Here I Am" Mental Health

 Here I Am is a national IFMSA mental health Campaign, held under the umbrella of the Standing Committee on Public Health, discussing various mental health issues, depression, suicidal tendencies, addiction of all sorts, and their consequences on our mental health.

Last week was a remarkable one in IFMSA-Jo's continuous efforts in the mental health field. The team of "Here I Am" kicked off their very promising campaign with a wonderful 4-day workshop discussing Addiction Prevention, Life Skills, and how to implement them on our mental health. All was carried in collaboration with Tahseen, Royal Health Awareness Society for Health Awareness, and the Anti-Narcotics Department!

The workshop started on the 21st of until the 24th, was held at the campus of the University of Jordan, it was given to members of Hashemite University Local Committee (HU-LC), and University of Jordan Local Committee (U-LC)

Day One and Two attendees were educated about all sorts of drugs, how they affect our society generally, and how they affect the addict's mental health Specifically, Moreover, they were educated about the link between mental health, and drug addiction, and how one can lead to the other.

Day Three and Four attendees were educated more about self-esteem, life skills, stress, time management, emotional intelligence, communications skills, and how all these can come into play to create a better mental environment for a person.

At the end of the workshop, attendees were given certificates by their trainer, approved by Tahseen with the presence of members of the Anti-Narcotic Department, the Royal Association for Health Awareness, the current National Public Health Officer, and of course the team of Tahseen!

 Our campaign will take a tour in all the 5 main universities of Jordan during the summer (HU, JUST, MU, UJ, YU.) with future workshops scheduled for this summer to be given to members of YU-LC, JUST-LC, and MU-LC with various steps, varying from awareness campaigns to workshops like this, and a promising conference that is being prepared.

Huge thanks to the team of Here I Am for their extraordinary work on the project so far! You do not want to miss what they're planning for the summer! Thanks and love to everyone who attended this marvelous step.

Also, special thanks to the fabulous trainer, Mr. Salameh Al Habashneh, for stepping in as the official main trainer for this whole workshop, and to the NPO, Ms. Sara Omar, for hosting such an amazing project under SCOPH's banner!

Basil Ahmad