Blood Donation Campaign - MU-LC

Due to the permanent needs of blood units, the current circumstances in Karak city and the importance of spreading awareness about donation and motivate people to donate, Blood Donation campaign was held in MULC under the umbrella of SCOPH! It was held in two phases starting with an advertising and awareness phase on the first day ( 20th of Dec ) and a blood drive phase on the 2nd day (21st of Dec ) at the health center in university. Gladly, the campaign was very successful! It was under the patronage of Mutah university president Dr.Thafer Sararyah and in co-operation with health and environment club and blood bank of South! The attendees exceeded 300 in 3 hours which led the blood bank to fully fill their needs from a rare blood types units! especially O-! Also, Evaluation for the knowledge among people and a feedback were taken! The media coverage was provided by the public relations unit in university, the university broadcast, and the Yarmouk TV.


Basil Ahmad