SCOPE Reform at IFMSA-Jo

During the past NGA a reform within the structure of SCOPE at IFMSA-Jo was passed resulting in the removal of the National Exchange Officer (NEO) from the National Team of Officials and introducing two new ones, National Exchange Officer-In and National Exchange Officer-Out (NEO-In and NEO-Out) to the Team of Officials. In brief, the NEO-In will be mainly responsible for incoming student management and internal issues, while the NEO-Out will be responsible for outgoing student management. After a round of selection the current structure of SCOPE at IFMSA-Jo is as follows: Two National Exchange Officers NEO-In: Amr Barakat NEO-Out: Bilal Mustafa Five Local Exchange Officers LEO-HULC: Khaled Gweery LEO-MULC: Zaid Ibrahim Suleiman LEO-JUSTLC: Mohammed Eneizat LEO-UJLC: Ahmad Mohammad Nawaiseh LEO-YULC: Tala Radaideh This step marks a great transition in the management of Professional Exchanges at IFMSA-Jo, one that hold greatness in providing you as members with nothing but the best. Blue Family, together we grow.

Basil Ahmad