Make a Turn to Germany

"Make a Turn to Germany" was held on the 15th of July 2017 under the Standing Committee of Medical Education (SCOME). This vastly informative course provided many students a glimpse at what their future would look like if they chose to pursue a career in Germany after graduation. The event was sponsored by the Language Generation Centre (LGC) and the Ministry of Youth. 90 medical students from 5 universities around the nation and from all years of studies attended the event and got a chance to learn the correct steps to apply and how to fulfill the language requirement which is a core requirement for studying in Germany. Students also got the chance to ask questions to fill in the blanks on which specialities are most required in Germany, also why it is one of the best options for medical studies.

Overall it was a very informative event, many thanks to the organizers for their efforts.

أقيم في يوم ١٥-٧ دورة عن طريقة التقديم لدراسة الطب في ألمانيا بدعم من وزارة الشباب و مركز جيل اللغات. حضر الحفل ٩٠ طالب من مختلف الجامعات و تعلموا خلالها الطريقة الصحيحة لإتمام شرط اللغة الذي يعتبر من الشروط الأساسية للقبول في ألمانيا، كما أتيحت لهم الفرصة لطرح أسئلتهم المتعلقة بأهم التخصصات الطبية  المطلوبة في ألمانيا. 

Nouran Hammad