This webinar will be about SCOME! 
What is SCOME.? What do we think SCOME means ? What it works on? Main issues tackeled by SCOME? Its Structure and our hidden Warrior
All that and more will be discussed in the third SOME webinar. Our amazing speakers will be :

Mr. Obada Nahawi, IFMSA-Jo NOME.
Mr.Karanaj , IFMSA Kenya.

Live stream will start on the 2nd of Mar 2018 at 5 PM GMT.



Our webinar this time is going to be about Social accountability , what is SA?, Why do we need it?, How to participate in it ? , Using the toolkit and worldwide opportunities in the field.


Our amazing speakers will be :

Mr. Prof. Obada Nahawi, IFMSA-Jo NOME.

Ms. Prof. Katerina Dima, IFMSA LME.

Mr. Ahmed Elshaer, IFMSA Social Accountability Toolkit Implementation SWG Member.

Will go live on the 28th of Jan 2018 at 5 PM GMT.

SCOME First Webinar

Student Representation, decision making, close up acts on your education, the right way to represent your medical school, being the voice of the students and many more topics will be discussed in a series of webinars.

we welcome you all to attend our first monthly series for SCOME webinars: " Students Representation and Involvement", on the 29th of December 2017, from 3-4 PM GMT , 5-6 P.M Jordan's Local Time.