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The project came after the issue that we face everyday which is the lack of understanding our medical education issues and the actions toward improving it. So many organization and authorities said that the voice of the students is the strongest among them all and they have the support of world federation on medical education, world health organization, association of medical students in Europe as well the international federation of medical student’s association. We will work toward better medical education, we will look for better quality and reach the excellence.



Coordinator of the Activity

Obada Nahawi

Registration Team

Abdallah Jamal Al-Adwan - Coordinator

Fundraising Team

Layan Sharkas - Coordinator
Mouath Alsarhan

Logistics Team

Rahf Abuaisheh - Coordinator
Nahid Ababneh

Theme Team

Amr Jarajreh - Coordinator
Ala Abojaradeh

Creativity Team

Areej Ib - Coordinator
Yara Khater
Mosab Mohammad Al-khawaldh

Social Media and Technical Team

Rania Daas - Coordinator
Sohair Ababseh

Visa and Public Relation Team

Yara Ababseh - Coordinator

Transportation Team
Anas Muhannad Hanandeh - Coordinator

Social Team
Sohair Bassam Ababseh - Coordinator
Jeryes Bashir Hamarneh

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