Social Accountability Online Course

It is with great pleasure that present to you the call for the first Online Social Accountability Course held in collaboration  with AMEEMR (Association for Medical Education in the Eastern Mediterranean), the regional partner of the WFMEin the EMR and GOSA (Group on Social Accountability) which is one of the task forces created in AMEEMR to to promote adoption of social accountability by medical and health professions schools and accreditation bodies in EMRO-Region. The platform for the online course will be provided by the Education Development Center (EDC) of the University of Gezira in Sudan.

The core goal of this online course is to empower medical students to actively participate and be engaged in the processes of transformation towards social accountability. It will be open to approximately 20 medical students of all regions. Courses will last for 2 months and will bear no participation fees. Following completion and attendance of at least 80% of the course, participants will receive an IFMSA, AMEEMR and EDC-Gezira Certificate.


May 5 - July (closing date to be determined together with the participants)


Any student with:

  • An interest in social accountability and/or background on medical education;

  • Sufficient English skills;

  • Availability for the mentioned period;

  • The right motivation and enthusiasm!


All applications will be judged by the Coordinators team. Selections will be made based on:

  • motivation

  • relevant experience

  • future plans for use of experience gained

  • regional and gender diversity


April 22nd, 23.59h GMT

Any application after the deadline will not be accepted!

Should you have any questions, kindly do not hesitate to contact and