Since March 2011 IFMSA-Jo has been holding a bi-annual meeting under the title; the National General Assembly (NGA) where students meet, discuss and brainstorm on ideas of voluntary activities that have been the cornerstone of the organization since its dawn. 
A plenary session is also held within the NGA as the main decision-making body of the organization where an incredibly well organized meeting of the minds decides its future and direction of where it is headed thus making it vital to the organization. 

The Eleventh National General Assembly of IFMSA-Jo


The 11th National General Assembly (NGA XI) took place on March 24-25 at the Hashemite University. NGA XI was held under the theme ‘Road Traffic Accidents’ where all participants were given training on CPR and First Aid management during car accidents and other emergency situations.

NGAXI Opening


One of the main activities during any NGA are the Standing Committee Sessions where each National Officer and Local Officers meet up with members to discuss past projects, and brainstorm for activities in the future.

What made NGA XI even more outstanding is the fact that a New Members’ Session was added to the agenda. IFMSA-Jo Alumni Qutaiba Sabha and Mutaz Abbad were in charge of introducing new members to everything they needed to know about IFMSA-Jo, its Standing Committees, and how to start a new project.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an NGA without a heated debate in the Presidential Session where the Team of Officials from each Local Committee gathered together with the National Team of Officials to discuss amendments to our Constitutions and Bylaws, later on, these amendments and motions are voted on in the Plenary Session where anyone can attend.


The highlight of the Presidential Session and Plenary Session was giving Yarmouk University Local Committee a full membership in IFMSA-Jo! In addition, the 13th NGA will be hosted by them!


The Theme Event was where one of the NGA sponsors, Jordan Paramedic Society, gave the training session to everyone regarding pre-hospital management of trauma in preventing the progression of injuries titled ‘Introduction on Compressions, Airway, Breathing and Sequence of CPR’.

After all the hard work on the field, delegates presented their projects in the Projects Fair, and the following awards were given:

Projects’ Fair:
First Place -  Safe Injection Project Training
Second Place - Adopt a Smurf
Third Place - Blood Donation and Blue Suits You

As for the Presentation Fair, MedTalks took home the first place award.

We were delighted to have Regional Director of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Sharif Ba Alawi, and Liaison Officer on Student Organisations and Vice President of External Affairs-elect, Batool Wahadani attend our NGA as well.


All of this could not have been made possible without the help of our generous sponsors: Jordan Paramedic Society, Language Generation Center, the Public Security Directorate and Al-Rouq Training Center.

Finally, this NGA was organized by a dedicated team who worked relentlessly to put it all together.