In 2006, the Jordanian National Member Organization has joined the IFMSA global entity and ever since we, at IFMSA-Jo, have committed ourselves to serving our community through multiple activities, divided in four main global health areas: public health, medical education, human rights and peace and reproductive health. One of the aims of IFMSA-Jordan is to motivate medical students in all medical schools in Jordan to get involved in their communities through active participation in voluntary work, and to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to become successful future doctors and health leaders.

It is guided by the vision of serving our community and reinforcing Jordan’s national health through igniting and uniting the knowledge and potentials of medical students. 
Our mission is to serve the society and medical students in Jordan by empowering our members in using their knowledge and capacities, providing a link between members, medical students associations, and national and international organizations to encourage the cooperation between them for ultimate benefit of the society.


Meet 2017/2018
Team of Officials


Muna Rommaneh
Osama Jabi
Mohamed Alzoubi
Mumen Ayyat
Rand Omari
Haneen Alhusaini


Bilal Mustafa
Mohammad Abudiab
Natasha Bouran
Ali Khafaja
Obada Nahawi
Seri Maani
Tala Tarawneh


Aws Al-Mukhtar
Laith Al-Abdallat
Hala Banat
Satani Sharkas

Executive Board

Vice President for Internal Affairs:
Vice President for External Affairs:
Vice President for International Affairs:
Secretary General:


National Exchange Officer for Incomings:
National Exchange Officer for Outgoings:
National Officer on Research Exchange:
National Officer on Human Rights and Peace:
National Officer on Medical Education:
National Officer on Public Health:
National Officer on Reproductive Health:

Support Divisions

Publications Support Division Director:
New Technologies Support Division Director:
Training Support Division Director:
Project Support Division Director:

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