Let me tell you a secret, one  so big it gave people like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison success. The Secret allowed people like Martin Luther King Jr to fight for freedom and equality. Let me be the one to tell you how some girls and boys can wake up in the morning and feel like they own the  world. One secret, one thing that we all a take for granted, one thing to give you power stronger than superman himself; confidence!

I believe that there are rules on this Earth for everything, rules that allows us to become masters of beauty, happiness, school, and even confidence. The law of confidence, in my opinion, is made up of three rules. The first is “A healthy mind and conscience;”  the rule states that if we constantly remind ourselves we are beautiful on the outside as we are on the inside, it becomes the ruler of our mind & heart. Look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself five good things every day, and I guarantee your mind will be at more ease. 

The second rule to the law is “Find good in the Bad”. We all go through bad situations, sometimes so bad we start wanting to give up completely, and sadly some people do, with the worst situations being death. As students in the hardest field out there, we have to be as positive as possible; try to be stress free, keep track of time by having a watch on you always, and if you want to be more organized, carry a small planner with you where ever you are. Tell yourself “I’m Ok, I’m fine, I’ll do great.” Most importantly if you’re in a really bad situation laugh, yes laugh; laughing has shown to lessen stress and anxiety hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. 

The third and last rule to the law of confidence is “Dress nicely, but comfortably”. Shocking right?! Some may wonder, what does dressing with nice, but comfortable clothes have to do with confidence? Confidence is all about feeling great even with the way we dress, whether it’s with heals and make up for girls, or dress pants and button up shirts for boys. It can even be some sports pants and runners, whatever makes you feel great. 

I leave you with one last advice, for the law of confidence to work, you have to believe in one more law; the law of attraction. The Law of attraction states, if we believe good things will happen and we constantly tell ourselves so, then good energy will follow us around, even in bad situations. If all we think about is negativity, then we will always find negative energy around us, yes, even in the happiest situations. 

- Sara Ibrahim Zaqut.

Aws Al-MukhtarSara Zaqut