"AM2017GA - Tanzania" Registration


"AM2017GA - Tanzania" Registration

If you want to become a part of IFMSA-Jo's delegation to the 66th IFMSA August Meeting General Assembly - Tanzania 2017, you are at the right place!

If you want to know more about IFMSA's International Meetings and how IFMSA-Jo plays part in the bigger picture, visit our International Meetings page.

  • August Meeting 2017 Tanzania Registration

  • Dear IFMSA-Jo member,

    Please read the following carefully:

    Kindly note that you should fill this form ONLY for now. You will be asked to fill the form on the August Meeting website after you get selected.

    **This form is for both early and late registration. Top 8 delegates will be selected for the early seats.

    Deadline for applying: 6th of May 2017, 23:59 pm.

    Dates of the event:
    General Assembly: 1st of August - 7th of August 2017.


    Early registration fees: 210 JDs.

    Late registration fees: 270 JDs.

    *Alumni can register in the out of quota seats, and they will pay the same as the late registration fees.

    *Delegation selection will be according to your Motivational Letter, Past Experience, and Local Committee score.

    *IFMSA-Jo Delegation will attend meetings and trainings before the GA.

    *Delegates will be asked to attend all the sessions, do presentations about our projects and write a report about the sessions they attended.

    You can find more information about the August Meeting 2017 in Tanzania in the invitation package on the link below:


    and through their website: http://am2017tanzania.com

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us through: secgen@ifmsa-jo.org.

    Best Wishes!